Friday, May 17, 2013


One of the benefits to living in a neighborhood with a large Mexican population is the great Mexican food including tamales sold out of minivans in grocery and super-store parking lots.  There are a couple stores (which will remain unnamed) where we occasionally see a young Mexican lady discretely asking shoppers if they'd like to buy tamales.  We refer to her as "tamale girl," and there's usually a note of excitement in our tone of voice when we see her.  For example, "Look, honey, tamale girl's here!"

Tonight we bought a dozen tamales for $10.  Yes, indeed, that's better than any happy hour deal you could get anywhere.  There are 3 kinds of tamales offered out of this minivan: chicken, pork and cheese.  We remembered the chicken being out favorite, so we got 6 chicken, 3 pork and 3 cheese.  Gotta love an easy and delicious dinner!

In an attempt to make the meal somewhat healthy, I made a "tamale salad."  Basically, I put a chicken tamale on top of a pile of mixed greens.  Yum!

Happy eating!

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