Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Lake Arrowhead Village Pizza Deli and Arcade

For dinner tonight, we decided to try Lake Arrowhead Pizza.  The inside tables were about half full when we got there.  We waited for someone to come over to the counter, and the waitress told us that we order there (at the counter) and sit wherever we want.

We asked about the size of the calzones, and we were shown a sign that was the size of the pan.  Then the waitress asked us if we'd heard about the Belly Buster.  We hadn't, so she explained that it's a Wednesday only deal.  You get a 10" pizza with 2 toppings and a small side salad for $5.99!  That's a great deal, about half-price!  We decided to each get a Belly Buster, so we placed our order and looked for a table.

side salad with Ranch dressing on the side
At first we thought we'd sit outside since the tables have a pretty nice view of the lake, but it was kind of windy and cool, especially with the sun almost down.  We went back inside and found a couple stools next to the window.  Inside is mainly a sports bar.  It seems like a cool place to hang out for locals, and based on the side salads and 10" pizzas I saw on the tables, the Belly Buster seems like the deal to order.

Our salads were little, but they were good.  Really, it was just a bonus since we didn't originally intend to order a salad anyway.

The pizzas were the perfect size, six pieces that weren't too big to hold.  On first bite, I thought "wow."

10" pizza with meatballs and jalapenos with marinara sauce

10" pizza with sausage and mushrooms with alfredo sauce

The cheese was just fabulous.  I had my pizza topped with meatballs and jalapenos.  The jalapenos added a little heat but weren't too hot, and the meatballs and marinara both had great flavor.  The crust was kind of New York style but not too thin.  It was soft and easy to bite into but was a little crisp on the outside, which was nice.

My husband had his pizza topped with sausage and mushrooms.  He also ordered it with an alfredo sauce instead of the traditional marinara.  They have four sauces (BBQ, pesto, alfredo and marinara.)  By default they use marinara, but it's no additional charge to request one of the other options.  The alfredo sauce really melded in with the cheese.  I didn't taste alfredo or cheese as two distinct ingredients.  It just tasted creamy and kinda like a white pizza.  It was really good.  The sausage and mushrooms went really well with the alfredo.  His pizza was also a little more undercooked than mine, which I like.  Mine wasn't overcooked, but his was slightly softer.  Both of our pizzas fell in the "perfect" range. 

Basically, if we lived in Lake Arrowhead, we'd probably go here for pizza every Wednesday.  It's a laid back environment with simply delicious food.  And, the view, service and TV sports options (if you're into that) are also hard to top.

Happy eating!

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