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Welcome! Chances are you like to eat, drink and be yourself...like me.  I'm happy you're here!  I hope you enjoy reading about my favorite recipes, restaurants and experiments in flavor.  Obviously, everyone has different taste (I like my food quite spicy and my drinks pretty sweet), so you can take my opinion with a grain of salt (pun intended).

What exactly does it mean to "eat, drink and be me"?   I definitely believe in moderation but not deprivation.  I try to make healthy choices most days and exercise regularly (running is magic!), but every once in awhile, I believe you need to let yourself indulge.   Many of my recipes can easily fit into a healthy diet (like salads, yogurt parfaits and turkey burgers), but there are some that are definite splurges (like pineapple upside down cake).

I've always been a writer, and I've always loved photography, so this blog is a natural outlet for me to express my taste buds.  The photos on the site are taken mainly with my Nikon P510.  I love the zoom lens on that camera and how well it does in low light even without the flash!  Some photos are taken with my phone (currently a Samsung Galaxy s3) which takes surprisingly good pictures in most circumstances.

I live in Los Angeles, so most of my restaurant reviews are in the L.A. area, but my husband and I do tend to travel regularly, and we do eat out a lot when traveling.  Currently, you can also read reviews for restaurants in Las Vegas, Maui and Australia.

I'm always looking for new recipes and restaurants!  Actually, the New Years resolution my husband and I made for 2013 was that at least once a month we would try a restaurant in the L.A. area that we've never been to before.  I'm eager to try 25 Degrees (at the Hollywood Roosevelt) and Dukes (in Malibu).  Look for my take on those restaurants and more later this year.

If there's a recipe or restaurant you think I should try, please let me know! You can post a comment here or message me on facebook (facebook.com/eatdrinkandbeme) or twitter (@eatdrinkandbme).

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Thanks for reading, and happy eating!

- Jayne

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