Saturday, May 4, 2013

Dollie's Pub & Cafe

Tonight, we decided to take it easy for dinner and eat somewhere within walking distance.  We read great things about the pizza at Dollie's, so we headed over there.  Inside, it feels like your local sports bar only with surfboards hanging from the walls.  

Right after we arrived, I realized that it was almost sunset, and I didn't want to miss watching sunset from our lanai.  We decided to order a pizza to go.  The guy who waited on us at the to-go counter was really laid back, friendly and helpful.  Maybe he's the owner.  He pointed out their most popular pizza, the Shombay Malombay.  It's topped with a tomato base, pepperoni, ham, salami, sausage, mushrooms, black olives, bell peppers and roasted onions.  We ordered a large.  I don't like olives, but my husband does, so we had them put double olives on one half and no olives on the other half.
Mai Tai

Large Shombay Malombay Pizza
He said it would take about 15 minutes before the pizza would be ready.  It was the end of happy hour, so I ordered a Mai Tai, and we sat at a table while we waited.  The Mai Tai was good.  It tasted strong.  The Mai Tai's at the Sands restaurant are huge, but I think this one Mai Tai was stronger than two Mai Tais at Sands.  I had just enough time to finish drinking that before the pizza was ready.  It looked amazing.

We walked across the street back to our hotel room and ate the pizza on the lanai while we watched the sunset.  It was delicious.  The crust didn't taste greasy, and it was kind of thick, not quite Chicago style, but close to that.  There wasn't a lot of sauce, which was good.  I don't like heavy sauce.  Really, it was just a perfect evening.

Happy eating!

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