Thursday, December 5, 2013

Palms Thai

A couple weeks ago, my husband and I met some friends at a play in Hollywood.  Afterwards, we all walked over to Palms Thai for dinner.  We had never eaten there before.  It was late and a Saturday night, but there was plenty of seating.  I'm a cat person, so I noticed all the cat decor.

My husband and I had been been wanting to go to a Thai restaurant for awhile, so we were excited to order.  To drink, I just got water, but my husband got a Thai Iced Tea which I tasted.  It was really good!  It tasted a lot like a cold chai tea latte.

For meals, I ordered the Combination Fried Rice which was described on the menu as "Fried Rice with a combination of beef, pork, chicken, shrimp, egg, tomato, onion, and green onion."  I'm usually not a rice person, but it sounded good, and it sounded like something my husband and I could share.  He loves rice.

My husband ordered the Chicken Yellow Curry which was described on the menu as "Sweet yellow coconut cream curry with chicken and sliced potato."  The waitress asked him how spicy he wanted it, and he said "spicy."

We're used to Indian curry, so we didn't recognize our order when it was brought to the table.  It looked like soup.  Their were 7 of us at the table, and the server just set the bowl on the table and didn't know who it belonged to.  Eventually we figured out that it was the curry.  The potatoes were in huge chunks, not exactly sliced.  It had some heat to it, which was nice.

My husband and I shared both meals.  We put the fried rice on our plate and spooned the curry over it.  The flavors went really well together.

Everyone else at the table seemed to enjoy their order as well.  One couple ordered a side of rice for 50 cents, and they brought out a huge dish of white rice; it was definitely a good value!

Overall, it was a fun time with friends, but I think we'd try a different Thai restaurant next time.  I'm not sure if all Thai curry is supposed to be soupy, but I'd have to try it somewhere else to know.  It had been years since I'd had Thai food last, but I always thought of it as similar to Chinese food but with peanut sauce.  I only saw one or two things on the huge menu that had peanut sauce, which was disappointing.

If you're in Hollywood and want a reasonably priced meal, this isn't a bad place to check out.  It has a huge menu, plenty of seating and prompt service.

Happy eating!

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