Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Turkey Kofta with Tahini Sauce

For dinner tonight, we tried a recipe I found in the latest issue of Eating Well magazine, Turkey Kofta with Tahini Sauce.  Here's the link to the online recipe:

We made the recipe almost exactly as described.  I managed to squeeze the turkey onto 3 skewers instead of the suggested 4, but that's the only change I made for the turkey.  For the tahini sauce, I used a 6-ounce container of plain nonfat Greek yogurt and doubled the other ingredients for the sauce.

The turkey kofta had a slightly middle eastern taste but wasn't as spicy as I usually like.  It was good though, and we'll probably make it again.

The tahini sauce was the real standout.  My husband especially loved it.  It kind of tasted like hummus because of the tahini paste, and he's a huge fan of hummus.  For lunch, my husband often spreads hummus on flatbread, fills it with mixed greens and rolls it up like a wrap.  He plans to substitute the tahini sauce for hummus in his future wraps.  We'll probably make the tahini sauce much more often than the turkey kofta.

I didn't know what tahini paste was before making this recipe, but it's basically like natural peanut butter (where it separates and you have to stir it) with sesame seeds instead of peanuts.  It was even in the peanut butter section of the grocery store.

If you like middle eastern food, you'll like this meal.  It'd go well with rice or a salad.  We had it with a grilled wedge salad (see the recipe here) and some grilled baby potatoes.  The potatoes were really good with the tahini sauce too.  At the very least, make the tahini sauce.  It's so good!

I always love trying new recipes, and it's especially fun trying grilled recipes in the summer.

Happy eating!

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