Friday, July 26, 2013

Flame Grilled Ribeye

My husband got a new toy yesterday.  It's a Jim Beam Vacuum Sealed Marinade Box.  Basically, it speeds up the time it takes for marinade to penetrate the meat you're marinating.  Of course he had to try it out right away.

We had a couple Ribeyes in the refrigerator, so my husband whipped up a simple marinade of equal parts lemon juice and olive oil (you'll need about a tablespoon of each for each steak you're marinating).  You're only supposed to have to marinate the meat for a couple hours with this marinade box, but we let it marinate overnight.  Why not?  Before the new marinade box, we used to put the steaks and marinade in a ziplock bag overnight.  That's probably sufficient, but when I'm buying new clothes, who am I to argue if my husband wants a marinade box?

Today, my husband fired up the grill.  We decided to round out the meal with baby potatoes and a salad.  I precooked 14 baby potatoes in the microwave (until you can easily stick a fork in them), and then put 7 baby potatoes on 2 skewers.  I also filled two skewers with grape tomoates.  I think there were about 16 on each skewer.  I brushed all of the potatoes and tomatoes with a little olive oil.

Back to the grill.  Heat it to 700.  Wow, that's hot!  The steak takes 12-15 minutes.  Flip it halfway through.  The potatoes and the tomatoes take about 5 minutes to grill.  Once again, flip about half way through.

It was a little tricky to get everything to fit on our plates, and they're pretty big plates.  We filled half of our plates with mixed greens.  I sprinkled the lettuce with TexJoy.  Then we put the tomatoes on top of the lettuce, and I sprinkled that with more TexJoy and Parmesan.  We ran out of goat cheese yesterday, or I would've added goat cheese to the salads.  Instead, I added goat cheese to the grocery list.  We put the potatoes on the other side of the plate, and I sprinkled them with TexJoy and Parmesan.

Then my husband put the steaks on our plates so that they'd overlap the salad.  No salad dressing needed; the juice from the steak is flavor enough!  I topped the steaks with a little spray butter (I couldn't live without I Can't Believe It's Not Butter spray), and a sprinkling of TexJoy and Parmesan. 

We've been working on our backyard for the past couple weeks, and the patio was too messy for us to use the grill.  When we were working outside, we kept smelling the tell tale aroma of grilled food wafting over from our neighbors' backyards.  It was nice to use the grill again tonight and to once again be contributing to the smell of grilled food.  It tasted as good as it smelled and looked.

Happy eating!

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