Friday, July 5, 2013

Star Bar

One of the best meals my husband and I had while visiting Sydney, Australia was at a Star Bar.  It used to be Planet Hollywood, and it still has all the movie memorabilia inside.  It could use a really good cleaning and a little upkeep, but you get what you pay for.

Eating out in Sydney can get expensive, and we were often told that bars are best for reasonably priced food that's also really good.  Star Bar fit the bill.  For only $40 A.U.D., we shared a bottle of wine and each got a meal.  Really, how can you beat that?

We tend to like sweet wine, so we shared a bottle of pink Moscato.  I don't remember it being the best wine I had ever tasted, but I also don't remember us having a problem finishing the bottle.  If we went to Star Bar again, we'd probably get the pink Moscato again too.

I ordered the chicken schnitzel.  There was a free upgrade to add shrimp on top of it, and it came with a salad and chips.  One thing that I found to be pretty common in Australia was for a typical meal to consist of some sort of meat, a salad and chips (or "fries" as we call them in the U.S.).  It's a great combination.  I had never had chicken schnitzel before, but it was so good.  I really enjoyed it.  It wasn't too greasy.  It was lightly breaded and juicy.  I'd definitely order it again.

My husband ordered the chopped steak which came with chips (no salad this time).  It was a juicy, tender, flavorful steak.  I wouldn't be against ordering that next time.

If you're traveling to Sydney, I'd definitely recommend checking out some of the bar menus for dinner.  Star Bar is kinda fun if you like Hollywood props.  Since it's a former Planet Hollywood, it seems kind of like an alternate you're in an end of the world type movie.  It wasn't very crowded when we were there, around 6pm on a week night.  I saw a few people come in to share a pitcher of beer and a basket of chips.  I saw some couples eating dinner together and a few people on their laptops or reading a newspaper. 

Happy eating!

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