Friday, July 5, 2013


I usually tend to avoid airport food.  It's overpriced and usually not very good.  Airport food to me usually means paying over twice as much as usual for McDonald's.

Well, there's one exception to this rule.  The best airport food I ever had was at the Brisbane airport.  My husband and I were in Australia this past December, and we had a layover in Brisbane while flying via Virgin Australia from Sydney to Proserpine.  It had been an early morning, and we were both pretty hungry by the time we arrived in Brisbane.  We also needed to kill time during the layover.  After glancing at a couple menus, we grabbed a table at In-Bar-Go.  First of all, the name is perfect for an airport bar.  We ordered several items to share assuming that the portions would be small.  We got a garlic bread pizza, wedges and satay chicken skewers.

We ordered way too much food.

The garlic bread pizza would've been enough on it's own.  It's probably the best pizza crust I've ever eaten.  I don't know if garlic bread pizza is a typical Australian thing, but I'd never had something like that in the U.S. (or, in "the States" as everything in Australia seemed to refer to the good ol' U.S. of A.).  The crust looked like a typical pizza crust, but it really tasted just like garlic bread.  That crust with cheese on top was amazing.  The closest comparison I can make is to cheese bread...but this was better.

The wedges were beer battered potato wedges, and they came with sour cream for dipping.  They would've been enough on their own too.  Beer battered chips (or fries as those of us in "the States" call them) are amazing.  I ate them every chance I got in Australia.  Now, you have to make sure you get the "beer battered" chips and not just "chips."  Chips are the same as fries.  They're fine...but with beer batter...they're amazing!  The wedges at In-Bar-Go were probably the best beer battered chips I had while in Australia.  They were thick and crispy and delicious.

The satay chicken skewers were okay.  They came with a sweet and spicy dipping sauce if I remember correctly.  It was nice to have some meat along with all the carbs we ordered, but next time I'd probably just get the garlic bread pizza or the wedges.  One order of one of those is plenty for two people to share during a layover lunch.

I really look forward to going back to Australia someday (hopefully soon), and I'm going to make a point to fly out of the domestic terminal of the Brisbane airport so that I can eat at In-Bar-Go.  It's that good.  Seriously.  I'm not exaggerating.

Since returning to the U.S., I've made a point of learning how to make beer battered chips, but I have yet to figure out how to recreate that garlic bread pizza.  Australia, I love you for so many reasons, but you sure get bonus points for amazing airport food!

Happy eating!

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