Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Famous Famiglia

Last week, my husband and I spent a few days in San Diego.  If you read my blog post about St Tropez Express, you know that when we visit San Diego, we always stay on a Navy Base.  That’s a great perk my husband has since he used to be in the military.  We loved St Tropez Express for lunch before going to the San Diego Zoo, but one of the restaurants in the food court on base caught our eye for dinner. 

Famous Famiglia was the only restaurant in the food court that we didn’t have back home in L.A.  My husband looked it up later, and the only other location in Southern California is at Six Flags.

My husband was drawn to the pizza.  He ordered one slice that was topped with mushrooms, spinach and mozzerella, and he ordered another slice that was topped with olives, tomatoes, scallions, black beans, cheddar, and mozzarella.  


I was drawn to the Stromboli, so I decided to order the Chicken Parmesan Stromboli.

We also ordered 5 garlic knots, which are pieces of pizza crust tied in a knot and covered with garlic butter.

The guy working there asked if we wanted marinara sauce or spicy sauce with our food, and we decided to try both since it didn’t cost any extra.

I found a table in the food court while my husband waited for our food to be warmed up in the pizza oven.

The pizza was okay.  I tasted the one with spinach and mushrooms.  It’s a winning combination, but the pizza itself wasn’t amazing.  It was just okay.  I didn’t taste the other pizza because I don’t like olives, and because after tasting the Stromboli, my husband declared that the Stromboli was far better than the pizza.  I agreed.  It was oozing with cheese, and had nice large chunks of grilled chicken stuffed inside.

The garlic knots were good.  They tasted exactly the way you’d expect.  I think the Crazy Bread at Little Caesar’s is better though.

The marinara sauce was a nice addition.  I dipped pieces of my Stromboli in it as well as the garlic knots.  The spicy sauce wasn’t as good.  It was more like salsa.  It was a little chunky, and it wasn’t warm.  Next time I’d just get the marinara sauce and add some crushed red pepper to it. 

Next time we’re in San Diego, we’ll probably eat here again, but we’ll probably both order the Stromboli.  Besides Chicken Parmesan, you can also get it stuffed with pepperoni, sausage or spinach.  Eventually, I’ll have to try them all!

Happy eating!

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