Thursday, March 27, 2014


We don't have Cheddar's in L.A.  I grew up eating there when I lived in northern Ohio.  We'd go to the Cheddar's in Fort Wayne.  I remember eating their onion rings and chicken sandwiches.

We're visiting my husband's family in Texas, and last time we were here we ate at Cheddar's and had an amazing lunch combo during lunch time.  I didn't remember exactly what it came with; I just knew that I loved it.  This trip, I was really looking forward to eating at Cheddar's again.

We went to dinner at Cheddar's with my husband's mom (my mother-in-law).  I looked over the menu and wanted something healthy.  I assumed the Ultimate Lunch Combo wouldn't be available since it wasn't lunch time.  We asked the waiter, and he said we could get the combo.  It didn't even cost more during dinner time.

With the Ultimate Lunch Combo, you can either choose 2 items or 3 items from the following list: bowl of soup, house salad, loaded baked potato, half of double decker club, caesar salad, monte cristo sandwich, buffalo chicken wrapper.

My husband and I both ordered the Ultimate Lunch Combo and chose 3 items.  He chose a bowl of Baked Potato Soup, which is described on the menu as "made fresh in our kitchen from select potatoes, celery, onions, grated cheddar, bacon."  He also ordered a House Salad with homemade buttermilk ranch dressing on the side and the Buffalo Chicken Wrapper, which is described on the menu as "buffalo chicken tenders, (or regular tenders) cheddar cheese, cabbage, pickles, buttermilk ranch in a flour tortilla."  It also comes with a Honey-Butter Croissant.  He loved all of it and finished it all.  He especially loved the croissant.  It was warm with the honey-butter melted on top.  I tasted his buffalo chicken wrapper, and the chicken had a great flavor.

For my Ultimate Lunch Combo, I ordered a bowl of Chicken Tortilla Soup, which is described on the menu as "grilled chicken, tomatoes, onions simmered with Southwestern spices, grated cheddar cheese, tortilla strips."  I also chose a House Salad with fat-free ranch dressing on the side and half of the Double Decker Club, which is described on the menu as "potato bread, smoked ham, turkey, bacon, aged cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and seasoned mayo."  I requested it without the mayo.  The soup was good, but there was only one piece of chicken in the entire bowl.  It was more like tortilla soup, not chicken tortilla soup.  The salad was your basic house salad, but it was good and refreshing.  I was under the false impression that the club would be warm not cold.  As a pregnant woman, I'm not supposed to eat deli meat, so I took one bite, realized my mistake, and gave the rest to my husband to eat.  That one bite was good, but I didn't want to chance it.  I also got a Honey-Butter Croissant.  I saved it to eat last, and it definitely tasted like dessert. 

My mother-in-law ordered the Hawaiian Chicken Salad, which is described on the menu as "marinated grilled chicken breast on fresh salad greens with pineapple, pico, tortilla strips, honey lime dressing."  She asked for the dressing on the side and loved the flavor.  She described the salad as the best salad she's ever had.  She couldn't rave about it enough.  Her salad also came with a Honey-Butter Croissant, but she's trying to cut down on carbs, so she let my husband eat her croissant, and he didn't argue.

It was a great meal.  The service was a little slow, but it was crowded at dinner time, so we understand that our waiter probably had a lot of tables to cover.  We probably won't make it to Cheddar's again during this visit to Texas, but we'll probably stop by next time we're in town.

Happy eating!

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