Thursday, October 3, 2013


I don't know how I forgot to write a post about my absolute new favorite liquor.  It's called Qream, and it comes in 2 flavors, strawberry and peach.  Really, it's the beautiful perfume-looking bottle that first caught my attention in the liquor store.  This was months ago.  My mom was with me, and we were both practically drooling over the pretty bottle and the soft, pretty liquid inside.  Our birthdays aren't too far apart, and we each said we wanted a bottle for our birthday.  I wanted strawberry, and she wanted peach.

Well, both of our birthdays were over a month ago, and I just now realized that I forgot to mention this amazing liquor.  The liquid on the inside is even better than I expected.

I had strawberry Qream for my birthday, and it tastes kind of like spiked strawberry milk only creamier and sweeter.  I love, love, love it!  I love the pretty pink color too.  I know I sound way girly, but maybe I am. 

I got my mom the peach Qream for her birthday.  Once again, it's like sweet, creamy, spiked peach-flavored milk.  It's really good.  I personally prefer the color pink over peach and the flavor of strawberry over peach, so I prefer the strawberry Qream, but if you love peach, you'd love the peach Qream!

This is totally liquor for women.  It even says so on the bottle:

If you don't know what to get your wife/girlfriend/friend who's a girl (obviously who's also 21+), and if you know she likes sweet cocktails, you can't go wrong with a bottle of Qream.  Or, treat yourself!  You deserve it!

Presentation adds so much.  I like to drink Qream out of a wine glass or a martini glass.  Mmmm.  And, it's an awesome bonus that the bottle is so pretty.  I'm going to use it for a vase. 

Qream is so delicious by itself, but the Qream website includes some cocktail recipes that sound amazing.  I have yet to try those, but trying Chocolate Dipped Strawberries is totally on my to-do list.

Even better, I just looked up nutrition info, and according to MyFitnessPal there are only 120 calories in a 4 ounce serving.  As good as it tastes, I expected it to be more like 100 an ounce.  No guilt, all delicious.  Qream is better than dessert.

Happy drinking!

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