Friday, October 4, 2013

Pan-Fried Bananas

I love bananas.  They're so quick and easy to eat.  When the peel is perfectly yellow on the outside (or even still a touch green), I love them topped with peanut butter or chocolate syrup or as the namesake part of a banana split.  When the peel starts to get a few brown spots on it, the banana inside loses some of it's firm texture.  If you wait a few days, these overly ripe bananas will be perfect for banana bread, but if you want to eat them right now, you'll love this recipe for pan-fried bananas.

Ideally, for this recipe, you want the bananas to be slightly overly ripe, still a little yellow but with some brown spots on the peel.  After following the recipe below, the bananas taste kind of like banana candy but won't have any more calories than are in the banana itself.  I know, amazing, right?

The recipe below is for 1 banana.  You can pan-fry as many bananas as you like, but usually only one banana fits in the frying pan at a time.  Since they cook so quickly, it's easy to just repeat the process when the first banana's done.

Pan-Fried Bananas

1 slightly overripe banana (the peel should have some brown spots on it)
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp Splenda (or your favorite no-calorie sweetener)
Butter Flavor Pam


Spray Pam on the bottom and sides of a non-stick frying pan and heat to medium-high.

Cut the banana so that you're left with circular banana slices about an 1/8 of an inch thick.

Transfer the banana slices to the pan, and spread them out so that they're in a single layer.

Let the slices cook for about 2 minutes or until the color at the edges of the banana starts to change from whitish to more of a yellow.

Flip the bananas over with a spatula.  They should be golden and even a little brown.

Let them cook for another minute.  Turn off the heat.  Add the cinnamon and splenda and mix it into the bananas with the spatula.  The bananas should be golden and caramelized.

You can eat the bananas as is, but this morning, I had mine on top of my Multi-Grain Waffles.  I added a little spray butter and sugar-free maple syrup for a finishing touch with this breakfast.

You can also mix the pan-fried bananas in oatmeal, stuff them inside a crepe, use them as an ice-cream topping, the list goes on, but they're also sweet and delicious just by themselves right out of the pan.

Happy eating!

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