Thursday, September 26, 2013

Miguel's - more food to review!

If you read my first post about Miguel's, you know that this is my favorite restaurant in Coronado, CA.  I love the atmosphere, the food and especially the jalapeno white sauce they give you with the complimentary baskets of tortilla chips.  Yes, I love Miguel's.  My husband and I were recently in Coronado for a few days, and we ate at Miguel's twice.  We tried a few different things this trip, so I thought I'd share my thoughts.

I mentioned in my previous review that if I were going to have dessert at Miguel's, I'd want to try the Mini Chimis.  During our first visit to Miguel's this visit, we made sure to save room for dessert.  The Dulce de Leche Mini Chimis are described on the menu as follows: "crispy flour tortilla filled with ripe bananas and caramel sauce, rolling in cinnamon and sugar, topped with vanilla ice cream." I guess they are as described, but the serving was definitely smaller than I expected.  The cooked bananas in the chimis were sweet and delicious, but it was wrapped too tightly in the tortilla.  When I hear "chimi" I think "chimichanga."  That's burrito-sized.  I know this said "mini," but they were more like taquitos than chimis.  I would have preferred two slightly bigger chimis more the shape of small burritos instead of the four little pieces we were given.  I wouldn't order them again, although I do love the taste of cooked bananas.  (Remind me to share my recipe for easy and delicious cooked bananas sometime.)

During our second visit, we arrived during happy hour and decided to try their margaritas.  I ordered a Mango Margarita, and my husband ordered a Strawberry Margarita.  They were both really sweet, well-blended and delicious.  The happy hour size is only 8 oz, but that was enough.

I tend to get a "usual" at restaurants, and my current "usual" at Miguel's is the Fiesta Salad, which I mentioned in my previous review.  The menu indicates that the salad comes with chicken, but I recommend asking the waiter for steak instead of chicken.  I tried it with chicken once, and it was a little dry and overcooked.  The steak tastes much better and adds more flavor to the salad.  I think the thing is that if steak is overcooked it's just well done, but if chicken is overcooked it's dry.  I also mentioned in my previous review that I thought the tortilla shell was too greasy.  It is greasy, but this time it actually reminded me of an elephant ear or funnel cake.  It's not that sweet, but it almost has a hint of sweetness to it. 

My husband always orders something different, usually a combo.  During our first visit, I think he ordered Combo #1.  It includes one taco (either beef, chicken or fish...he chose fish) and a cheese enchilada.  All the combos also come with rice and beans.  I didn't take a picture of that combo, but I didn't take a picture of what he ordered during our second visit, which was similar.  He ordered Combo #7 which came with 2 enchiladas (either beef, chicken or cheese...he chose one beef and one chicken).  Then, from the happy hour menu, he added a fish taco.

Basically, there's no bad choice when it comes to the food at Miguel's, but I like the beef better than the chicken.

Happy eating!

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