Thursday, September 5, 2013

Le Village Buffet - Paris Resort & Casino

There are lots of buffets to choose from in Las Vegas, but the decor at the Paris buffet is the cutest.  When in Vegas, I really can't get enough of the decor where you're inside but you feel like you're outside.  Some people may criticize it for kind of being like Disneyland, but I love that it really tries to make you feel like you're in a French village.

We went to Le Village Buffet twice during our most recent trip to Vegas, once for dinner on Labor Day weekend and once for lunch later in the week.  One thing to note is that the prices are higher than usual on holiday weekends.  This is pretty much true at every buffet.  Just be aware.

The buffet comes with a beverage.  They have Pepsi products, coffee, tea, juice, etc.  The buffet also includes one glass of complimentary wine, but we weren't told that during our visit there for dinner on Labor Day weekend.  It was only when we returned for lunch that we were offered our choice of red or white house wine.  If your waiter or waitress doesn't offer you wine, make sure you ask about it.  I had chardonnay, which was light and fruity.  Wine definitely seems appropriate when dining in "Paris."

One of the standouts at this buffet is the brie & bacon mac and cheese.  I could just eat a plate of that and be happy.  You must try it.  The sweet potatoes were also delicious.

I love the crepe station.  The only other buffet I know of that has a crepe station is the Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace, but I prefer the crepe station here at Paris.

When we were in Vegas in January, I had crepe #2 (a berry mixture).  It was so good that I finished it even though I was already super full.

This trip, when we went for dinner, I had crepe #3 (apples).  I love cooked apples.  It was amazing, and once again, I finished it.

When we returned for lunch, I decided to start my meal with one of the savory crepes.  I chose #5 (spinach and mushrooms).  It was truly delicious.  I think that'll be my new "usual" crepe selection, although, I really don't think there's a bad choice. 

Other standouts food items include the lamb, spinach artichoke dip, tri tip and Brussels sprouts.

As far as desserts, I loved the macaroons, creme brulee, lemon meringue pie, bread pudding and the oatmeal chocolate chip raisin cookies.

The cookies were way up there on my list of favorites.  I know a cookie doesn't sound too impressive, but if all I'd had for dessert were one little cookie, I would've been very happy.

They don't have gelato at this buffet, but they do have a soft-serve ice-cream machine with vanilla, chocolate and swirl.  That's not as fancy as gelato, but with so many other delicious desserts, it was satisfactory. 

The limited variety and lack of gelato makes this buffet rate only #5 in my list of favorite Vegas buffets as far as food is concerned, but like I said, you can't beat the cute atmosphere.  There's a lot of comfort food on this buffet, and the crepes are huge and delicious, so it's difficult not to overeat.  If only the calories you consumed in Vegas would stay in Vegas.  Pace yourself and enjoy. 

Happy eating! 

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