Sunday, April 21, 2013

Breakfast Quesadillas

Brunch by any other name is eggs for lunch.  One of my favorite quick and easy go-to meals for breakfast, brunch, lunch or even sometimes dinner is what I call "breakfast quesadillas."  Below is the recipe for 1 serving. 

1 flour tortilla
1 ounce shredded cheddar cheese
1 egg
salt and pepper
cooking spray

Spray frying pan with cooking spray and preheat.  Scramble egg in bowl with an ounce or so of water.  Pour egg into hot pan and let sizzle and fill the bottom of the pan to form a round circle.  Sprinkle with half of the cheese and a little salt and pepper to taste.  Fold egg in half to form a semi-circle.  Once golden, slide egg onto a plate.  Re-spray pan with cooking spray.  Put a flour tortilla in the pan and cook until it starts to bubble up and the bottom is lightly golden.  Flip the tortilla over and sprinkle the remaining cheese on top.  Let melt slightly.  Put the egg on top of one half of the tortilla.  Fold tortilla over egg.  Transfer to plate and cut in fourths.

This recipe is very easy to double.  My husband can usually handle a double batch.  In that case, I cook 2 eggs in the pan at the same time and don't fold the eggs in half; leave the eggs in the shape of a circle, sprinkle with cheese and transfer them to a plate.  Then I cook one flour tortilla on both sides and place it on top of the cheesy side of the eggs.  Then I cook another flour tortilla on one side, flip it over in the pan sprinkle with cheese.  Put the uncheesy side of the eggs on top of the flour tortilla in the pan.  Once the bottom tortilla is golden brown, transfer to a plate and cut in 8ths. 

I like the gooey cheesy taste of this easy entree by itself, but my husband likes topping the quesadillas with sour cream or salsa.  Side dish suggestions are fresh fruit or a salad.  In the picture above, I have the quesadilla paired with mixed greens topped with chardonnay vinaigrette, Parmesan cheese and TexJoy.

What's TexJoy?  Why, only the best seasoning mix ever!  It's made in my husband's hometown of Beaumont, Texas, and we order it online.  We usually order the 28oz Spicy Steak Seasoning and sprinkle it on almost everything.  One lasts us over a year.  If you don't like your food spicy, they have other varieties available. 

Happy eating!

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